Who Makes the Best Wireless Portable Speaker?

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Best Wireless Portable Speakers

Doesn't everyone want to know who makes the best wireless portable speakers? Of course everyone wants to buy the best and this website is dedicated to finding the best manufacturer.

There are a few important details that need to be discussed. First, in order to find out who makes the best wireless portable speaker, everyone needs to know what we mean by wireless. As far as this website is concerned, wireless means that it will be able to connect to an iPhone for example and stream music to the speaker without any wires. But it also means that the speaker must be able to function without being pluged into a power source. It must run on battery power. We imagine that some models with have rechargable batteries, and other might require standard AA, C, or D batteries. The key issue here is that the speaker must be completely wireless.

Second, it is imporant to discuss what is meant by portable. This speaker must be smaller than a bread box, but larger than a tennis ball.

Finally, it has to be a speaker. Do we really need to discuss what we mean when we use the term speaker?

At the end of our test, everyone will know who makes the best wirelss portable speaker. After reading this page, we know what we mean by each term in "wireless portable speaker" so it is official. Let's begin our search. If you have any questions you can shoot us an email: support@wirelessportablespeaker.com.